Jeegareynta khadka tooska ah ee loogu talagalay sanduuqa dhalada

Sharax Gaaban:

Waxay ku habboon tahay in la hubiyo miisaanka badeecada kala duwan, in ka badan ama ka yar miisaanka waa la diidi doonaa, boorsooyinka u qalma ayaa loo gudbin doonaa qalabka xiga.

Faahfaahinta alaabta

Tilmaamaha Badeecada






Baaxadda miisaanka

10-1000 garaam

10-3200 garaam

10-6500 garaam


30-100 kiish / min

30-100 kiish / min

10-60 kiish / daqiiqad


± 1.0 garaam

Grams 1.5 garaam

Grams 2.0 garaam

Cabirka badeecada

10<L<250 mm10<W<220 mm

10<L<370 mm10<W<320 mm

10<L<420 mm10<W<420 mm

Mini scale

0.1 gram

0.1 gram

0.1 gram

Control system


Weigh belt size

420L×220W mm

570L×320W mm

610L×420W mm

Reject system

Reject arm / Air blowing / Pneumatic pusher


220V/50Hz or 60Hz, single phase

Packing size

1300L×1200W×1300H mm

1400L×1400W×1300H mm

1700L×1300W×1400H mm

Gross weight





It is suitable to check weight of various product, over or less weight will be rejected out,qualify bags will be passed to next equipment.

chips bag
instant noodles cup
biscuit carton


•  7" touch screen with a modular control system, more stable and easier to operate;

•  Apply HBM load cell ensures high accuracy and stability (original from Germany);

•  Solid SUS304 structure ensure stable performance and precise weighing;

•  Reject arm, air blast or pneumatic pusher for selecting;

•  Belt disassembling without tools, which is easier to clean;

•  Install emergency switch at the size of machine, user friendly operation;

•  Arm device show clients clearly for the production situation (optional);

checkweigher reject arm

Reject arms

checkweigher reject arm 2

Reject arms

checkweigher pusher



1. How should I choose the rejection system?

Generally, reject arm is for bags, the pusher is for boxes/cartons, air blast is for small and light bags. We will recommend suitable rejection depends on your package details.


2. How to collect the rejected products?

We provide collection bins as optional. The collect bin is with a sensor and alarm. When products in the collection bin are over 2/3, it will alarm. The operator can clear the collection bins. 

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